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Dreiym Engineering PLLC

Electrical & Corrosion Experts

Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion Services include Cathodic Protection Design, AC Mitigation, Field Surveys, and more.

Electrical Engineering

We can perform Electrical Studies including Short Circuit, Coordination Settings, and Arc Flash

Arc Flash

Arc Flash Studies and Mitigation Reports

About Dreiym Engineering


Started in 2014, Dreiym Engineering is a small service engineering design company based out of Houston, Texas.  We provide consulting and design services for Electrical and Corrosion Control Systems.  Dreiym strives to maintain a strong and consistent track record of exemplary performance and continued client satisfaction.  Started by a team of registered Professional Engineers with over twenty years of combined experience providing corrosion control system design and analysis services.  Our solutions provide cost-effective methods and design to improve safety and protect and extend the reliability and service life of assets.  Our previous experience in the Nuclear, Energy and Defense markets bolster Dreiym’s ability to meet or exceed some of the industry’s most stringent requirements.

One of our basic goals is to make sure that Electrical Engineering and Corrosion Engineering is available to everyone, not just major projects.  We are here to ensure the safety and correct operation of any project no matter how small.  We always help homeowners, inspectors and small businesses get access to the engineering support they need.

What’s in Dreiym’s Name?

Dreiym’s name comes from two separate words, Drei and Ym.  Drei, the German word for three, and Ym derived from a word meaning Mind, Dreiym was originally started by three engineers.  You can see the influence of the name in our logo.  Since inception, it has grown into a provider of engineering services in Texas, specializing in corrosion control and other engineering studies.

Where we operate

Dreiym operates mainly out of the Texas region as a small service engineering consultant.  Often we take on work in other regions as well, including overseas where we design cathodic protection systems for oil and gas clients operating out of other countries.  

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