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Electrical & Corrosion Experts

Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion Services include Cathodic Protection Design, AC Mitigation, Field Surveys, and more.

Electrical Engineering

We can perform Electrical Studies including Short Circuit, Coordination Settings, and Arc Flash

Arc Flash

Arc Flash Studies and Mitigation Reports

Pipeline & Tank Structural Integrity Analysis & Assessment

Dreiym can supervise, provide engineering support or provide management for your pipeline integrity assurance for your regulatory compliance Internal Line Inspection (ILI) projects.  We are able to review and evaluate ILI tool run data, including but not limited to: Magnetic Flux Leakeage (MFL), XYZ mapping and combination tool data.

Following American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, Dreiym can perform Fit-For-Service analysis of your assets in accordance with DOT/PHMSA requirements.

Our engineering calculations can help you determine the remaining  strength and design life of your assets, including any recommendations for reducing maximum operating pressure due to the presence of high risk/high consequence areas.

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Related Services

Soil Corrosivity Analysis

Soil Resistivity, pH level, Soluable Salt Content, Presence of Bacteria.  Determine the soil corrosivity for your underground assets.

Corrosion Control Design

Material Analysis and Selection, Ground Bed Engineering Calculations and Design, Attenuation Analysis, Rectifier Sizing.

Interference Testing

Shorted casings, Foreign Lines, Rail Transit, Electrical Isolation, Collocated Power Lines, Electrolytic Bridging.