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Forensic Electrical and Corrosion Engineers

Electrical Failure Analysis

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Electrical

Corrosion Failure Analysis

Environmental Leaks, Water Loss, Structural Failure

Fire Investigation

Vehicle and Building Fires

Appliance Failures & Investigations

Fires, Shocks & Water Leaks

Manufacturer recalls due to safety and fire concerns are not uncommon and often result from the forensic investigation of recurring failures.

When an appliance may have been causal to a fire, an unbiased review by Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to investigate the failure.

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Engineering Examination and Investigation

Let our team of licensed electrical experts determine what happened.

  • Was the equipment properly installed and operated?
  • Is there a design or manufacturing defect?
  • What are the possible failure modes?
  • Was the failure causal to a fire?

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