Direct Assessment of Pipelines and Underground Tanks

An evaluation dig is one of the most powerful tools in evaluating the extent and type of corrosion on a structure.  Direct Assessment is usually performed following an indication of a significant issue or a problem from other indirect, non-destructive tests.


Direct assessment involves excavating and exposing the section of structure with a potential issue, and visually inspecting it.  During excavation, the configuration of the soil and groundwater surrounding the structure is observed and soil samples collected for laboratory analysis.


Direct assessment observations will be performed by our trained professional engineers who hold the required NACE certifications.  A complete report is prepared on the current status of your structures.  We can also coordinate any required x-ray examinations of your structures.


After excavation, the integrity of the exposed coating is thoroughly evaluated.  Samples of any moisture and material trapped under the coating are collected and evaluated for pH, bacteria and presence of corrosion products.  The depth of any identified pitting is then recorded and evaluated for severity using engineering calculations. Other techniques can also be utilized in conjunction with a visual assessment, such as ultrasonic thickness measurements to evaluate internal corrosion.

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