Shocks & Electrocutions

The circumstances which lead to an electrical related injury or death are tragic but often misunderstood, leaving behind unanswered questions and unmitigated hazards.

An unbiased review by Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to determine the root cause of the electrical incident. Our team members are capable of conducting a thorough investigation of all injury-related electrical incidents, and they can provide you with detailed electrical incident reporting and investigation services.

Engineering Examination and Investigation

Let our team of licensed electrical experts determine what happened.

Electrical engineering injuries can have a seriously negative impact on personnel and facilities in general. Electrical accidents can lead to death of affected personnel, temporary loss of available manpower, production loss, and additional expenses involved with repairing or rebuilding affected electrical systems. Don’t forget about the additional major disruptions and financial liability that accompany possible litigation or government regulatory intervention. If you don’t promptly address the root causes of an electrical incident event, it may be only a matter of time before another electrical accident injures another employee. This could further compound your burden.

Over the course of our electrical injury investigations, we can determine the following:

  • Location and source of the hazardous energy.
  • Were applicable safeguard systems properly designed and installed?
  • Were workplace safety procedures adequately developed and followed?
  • Did the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) work as intended?

Our electrical accident investigation report will cover the answers to these questions and more. Experienced forensic electrical engineers with a wealth of experience in the field handle our electrical injury investigations. They’ll be able to not only determine the underlying conditions that led to such a dangerous electrical incident event, but also provide you with the information you need to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Regardless of the type or severity of the electrical injury, Dreiym Engineering’s forensic engineers stand ready to help you move forward from this incident with a clear understanding of its cause and the knowledge you need to mitigate such dangers. Keep your personnel safe, your facilities compliant, and your systems adequately protected against future electrical incidents.

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