Forensic Lighting Accident Investigation Experts

Adequate lighting is as essential as other safety measures in the workplace, so employees can work safely and comfortably. Proper lighting ergonomics includes how light falls onto surfaces, how light reflects off objects, and the contrast between an object and its background. Because of mitigating factors, it can be difficult to know how much lighting is needed in work areas. Misjudging the amount of lighting needed in workplaces can lead to mishaps like slips and falls. Dreiym Engineering’s dedicated forensic lighting accident investigation experts are also skilled in providing lighting assessments to prevent accidents from reoccurring.

Having a workplace injury investigation into bad lighting can prevent slips and falls, accidents from misreading labels on chemicals and cleaners, and glares that can cause poor vision and headaches.

We evaluate workplaces to assess lighting to ensure employees are working under safe conditions in both offices and facilities. And if an incident like a slip and fall injury has occurred, we can assess the circumstances to identify the cause. We also work alongside insurance companies and law firms to provide forensic lighting analysis after an accident occurs.

When our professional forensic lighting engineering team investigates a claim, we take the following steps:

  • Document the scene where the incident occurred.
  • Survey the area for other possible causes.
  • Measure the lighting at the site.

After reviewing all pertinent information, we’ll provide a report of our findings and recommendations to prevent any incidents in the future. Included in the report will be the minimum required foot-candles needed to provide a safe environment.

If an incident hasn’t occurred, but you’d like a lighting forensic assessment as a preventative measure, our team will:

  • Identify any hazards from the current lighting, including inadequacies, flickering, or excessive glare
  • Evaluate the risk of a workplace injury from the current lighting
  • Recommend the proper lighting needed to create a hazard-free area

Dreiym Engineering’s experienced team of forensic accident investigation experts will find the root cause of a range of failures from multiple areas, including lighting, electrical, and mechanical. Contact us today for forensic lighting analysis in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas in Texas as well as neighboring states.

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