Cathodic Protection Interference Testing

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Defined as detectable electrical disturbances on a structure caused by stray currents from neighboring structures, cathodic protection (CP) interference can be extremely problematic. Stray currents are defined as any current traveling along an unintended path.

Ideally, cathodic protection testing is conducted prior to installation to ensure that the selected site for your cathodic protection system is a suitable location. But when the potential for CP interference from neighboring structures isn’t taken into consideration, it can lead to several issues:

  • Your newly-installed cathodic protection system may provide ineffective protection
  • You may need to relocate your newly installed CP system
  • If you don’t relocate the new CP system, legal action may be taken against you

Dreiym has extensive experience performing cathodic protection testing. At Dreiym, we always have a Licensed Professional Engineer in the field with at least a CP3 (Cathodic Protection Technologist) certification on every job. Most often, we send out a CP4 (Cathodic Protection Specialist) as well. You can be assured of the quality of work Dreiym brings to CP field evaluations. Without cathodic protection testing and field evaluations, it is not possible to make correct evaluations of the CP systems operation or to mitigate the impact of interference on your CP system.

We can evaluate your prospective project sites to determine if any nearby structures may interfere with your new cathodic protection system. We can also reach out to and visit nearby structure owners in the area to schedule testing to determine if any interference will be expected. If you’re currently experiencing cathodic protection interference and need to identify a new location for your project, we can conduct testing to determine the most suitable location.

We can perform the following:

  • Test Station Surveys
  • Close Interval Surveys
  • Road Way Crossings
  • Pipeline Crossings
  • Pipeline Bonding Stations
  • Fence Lines
  • Fault Protection
  • AC Interference
  • Automatically Controlled Rectifiers

Dreiym has performed interference testing across Texas and can also serve the surrounding states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. Whether you need to identify a new location to relocate to or require cathodic protection interference testing prior to installation, our cathodic protection experts can assist you.

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