Pipeline Integrity Services and Consulting

Pipelines are crucial components of our existing energy production systems. Without proper maintenance of their pipeline delivery system, no company will be able to maintain their existing export delivery schedule—this will cost them more time and money in the long run than proper maintenance would.

At Dreiym Engineering PLLC, our structural engineers provide proper tank and pipeline integrity services to ensure that your operation continues to run smoothly. A pipeline cathodic protection survey will ensure that a small, easily-rectified issue doesn’t impact your export potential further down the line.

The most important aspect to maintaining tank and pipeline integrity is properly identifying the portions of a pipeline that are at the greatest risk of corrosion. Being able to identify these vulnerable areas and accurately forecast their future corrosion allows you to determine the best course of action moving forward. In a scenario where the pipeline is built into soil with low soil resistivity, the installation of a gas pipeline cathodic protection system can help mitigate corrosivity concerns.

Proper pipeline integrity consulting, conducted by true structural engineers, helps inform how rapidly vulnerabilities must be addressed before failure. Our engineering calculations can help you determine the remaining strength and design life of your assets. After performing a pipeline integrity inspection, we can also provide recommendations for reducing maximum operating pressure due to the presence of high-risk/high-consequence areas. With this information in mind, we can better develop a plan to address structural pipeline integrity issues prior to complete pipeline failure.

Dreiym is also available to supervise and provide engineering support or management for your pipeline integrity assurance for your regulatory compliance Internal Line Inspection (ILI) projects. We can also review and evaluate ILI tool-run data, including but not limited to Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), XYZ mapping, and combination tool data.


Following American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, Dreiym can perform Fit-For-Service analysis of your assets in accordance with DOT/PHMSA requirements.

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