Cathodic Protection Commissioning & Start-Up

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At Dreiym Engineering PLLC, our mission is to guard against the very real threat of pipeline or tanker corrosion at every step. We do this to ensure that you don’t have to take any unnecessary risks with your current project’s design or implementation. Dreiym performs field construction oversight, startup activities, and cathodic protection commissioning services, including cathodic protection system installation. Through field evaluation by a licensed professional engineer and certified NACE CP4 (cathodic protection specialist), we ensure that your system is operating correctly.


The start-up or commissioning of a cathodic protection system involves the energizing, adjusting, and testing of the cathodic protection (CP) system. This occurs after the installation of the CP system. The process of cathodic protection during construction and installation entails making sure all connections are in place, ensuring proper operation of the system, and reporting initial data. Our cathodic protection specialists will also make recommendations for how you should carry out future periodic inspections and testing.

The initial reporting will give you valuable insight into how rapidly your pipeline or tanker will corrode over time. Our cathodic protection commissioning report will also provide valuable baseline information for you to reference during future inspections.

Every field commissioning activity is directly overseen by a highly-trained NACE-certified CP4 operating in the field. Our corrosion specialists have vast amounts of experience installing, maintaining, and commissioning large cathodic protection systems for above-ground tankers, underground tankers, and underground pipelines, which means your assets will be in the hands of experienced professionals. This provides the highest level of assurance that your system was designed and built to industry standards, and that no issue goes overlooked. Whether you are new pipelines or making necessary repairs, our specialists provide investigations and quality assurance during cathodic protection system installation and construction.

  • Cathodic Protection Design Quality Assurance
  • Cathodic Protection Construction Quality Assurance
  • Cathodic Protection Issue Resolution
  • Coating Defects
  • Cathodic Protection Construction Defects
  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Material Specification Review
  • Pipeline Design Life Assurance
  • Maintenance Procedure Creation
  • Individualized Acceptance Criteria

Contact Dreiym Engineering PLLC for your cathodic protection system installation, commissioning, and investigative needs to ensure that you’re set up for success.

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