Engineered System Failures

Electrical failure analysis is the process of investigating the causes and effects of electrical faults in various systems and devices. Electrical failures can have serious consequences, such as damage to property, loss of productivity, injury, or even death. This article provides an overview of some of the common electrical faults, their impacts on appliances, and their prevention methods.

Common Electrical Faults

Electrical faults can occur when an electrical current deviates from its intended path or flow, creating either a low or a high resistance. A low resistance fault, also known as a short circuit, occurs when an electrical current flows through an unintended path, creating a high current. A high resistance fault, also known as an open circuit, occurs when an electrical current is interrupted or disconnected, creating a low current.
Some of the common causes of electrical faults are:

• Wear and tear of wires, cables, or connectors
• Corrosion, moisture, or dirt on electrical contacts
• Overloading, overvoltage, or power surges
• Damage or defects in electrical components or devices
• Human error or negligence

Effects of Electrical Faults on Appliances

Electrical faults can have a variety of effects on appliances, depending on the type, severity, and duration of the fault. Some of the possible effects are:

• Appliance failures: Electrical faults can cause appliances to stop working, malfunction, or perform poorly. For example, a short circuit in a toaster can cause it to burn the bread, smoke, or catch fire. An open circuit in a refrigerator can cause it to lose power, spoil the food, or leak water.

• Burns: Electrical faults can cause burns to the appliances, the wires, or the surrounding materials. Burns can range from mild to severe, depending on the temperature, current, and exposure time. For example, a short circuit in a hair dryer can cause it to overheat, melt, or burn the user’s hair or skin. An open circuit in a lamp can cause it to flicker, dim, or burn out the bulb.

Failure Modes:

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