Consequences of an On-Site Electrocution Injury

ਜਨਵਰੀ 29, 2021

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Electrocution injuries can be very severe and can even cause death in some cases. The aftermath of electrocution injuries leave behind on the victim are immeasurable. If the injury occurred on-site, there are repercussions for the company as well.

Electrocutions should be taken very seriously and addressed immediately. The goal and responsibility of job facilities is to provide a safe environment for its employees to work in. Electrocution threatens workers. Providing training and ensuring facilities are up to OSHA standards is necessary for electrocution prevention. When looking to make your facility or job site safer for employees, one of the first places to start is with electrical systems. Discover the consequences of an on-site electrocution injury.

Consequences for the Injured Party

There are many consequences of an on-site electrocution injury. Perhaps the most severe consequences are on the injured party. The injured party is who must deal with the pain and suffering caused by electrocution, and even the lasting effects that come with electrocution. Below are common things the injured party in on-site electrocution must endure.


Burns are one of the most common aftereffects of an electrocution injury. The electrocuted person may have severe burns on their skin where the electricity entered and where it exited their body.

Fall Injuries

When electrocuted, a person can lose consciousness and can fall. This can be severe depending on where the person was when the electrocution occurred. For example, many job sites require workers to spend an extended amount of time on ladders or scaffolding. Falling from a ladder or other high-off-the-ground place can cause serious injuries including spine, brain, and neck injuries, which often come with lasting nerve damage.

Cardiac Arrest and Heart Problems

Electrocution can cause irregularities in a heartbeat and even cause a heart to stop beating at all. This happens when electricity passes through a person’s heart.

Brain Damage

Electrocution can affect the brain or the nervous system. When this happens, the person who was electrocuted can experience seizures, memory loss, confusion, and these symptoms are sometimes long-lasting.

Broken Bones

When a person is electrocuted, their muscles may contract in a forceful manner. This can occasionally cause bones to break. Bones can also be broken in fall injuries due to electrocution.

There are many more consequences for the injured party when it comes to on-site electrocution. Electrocution can even cause death. It is a serious issue and work sites should do everything possible to prevent electrocution.

Consequences for the Company

When a worker gets electrocuted on the job site, there are more consequences than simply physical ones. While the injured party must deal with the physical and painful consequences, the company itself is on the hook for the injuries and numerous costs. Below are some of the repercussions for companies when a worker suffers from electrocution on-site:

  • The company may be responsible for the injured party’s medical bills.
  • The injured party may need worker’s compensation or extended time off of work to heal. The company will still pay the worker and will need to pay more labor costs to cover what would be the injured party’s work shifts.
  • The company may need to hold additional safety trainings for their employees.
  • The company may need to hire a forensic consultant to investigate the cause of the injury and further protect employees from any future electrocution risks.

There could be many more consequences for companies that experience an on-site electrocution injury. Electrocution could also extend to damaging the job site or surrounding areas, depending on the severity of it. Electrocution could also halt the productivity or ability of other workers to safely do their jobs on the job site for days or even weeks at a time while the cause of electrocution is addressed.

Electrocution Prevention On-Site

The best way to address an electrocution injury on the job site is to avoid it altogether. OSHA has many rules and regulations in place to protect workers from the dangers of electrocution. Following these outlined rules and ensuring your facility is in compliance with all of the regulations can help to prevent electrocution.

Hiring a forensic consultant is something that happens after an incidence of electrocution to help determine causes, fault, and outline prevention in the future. For electrocution injury prevention, hiring electrical engineering consultants can help minimize risk while maintaining a safe work environment for your workers.

The best practice for electrocution prevention is hiring expert electrical consultants to review your job site and develop a plan for increased electrical safety for your site and for your workers. This service is one that every job site that works with electricity should utilize.

It’s also beneficial to have regular safety training for employees. Workers who are educated about electrical safety are less likely to make mistakes that lead to electrocution. It’s also advantageous to teach workers the warning signs of electrical issues so they can notice and report any issues they see while on the job site. This basic electrical safety education can end up saving lives.

Facilities should provide workers with adequate personal protective equipment. When employees wear personal protective equipment, they are less likely to experience extreme effects of electrocution. Companies also must consider the working conditions. For example, workers should not complete electrical work in wet or damp environments, and it is the responsibility of the company to communicate that to its employees.

There are many consequences of an on-site electrocution injury for all involved. Providing employees with proper personal protective equipment and adequate training is essential to preventing electrocutions on your site.

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Consequences of an On-Site Electrocution Injury

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