Engineered System Failures

Dreiym provides licensed, professional forensic electrical engineers to provide assistance to all insurance, subrogation, and litigation matters involving electrical failures that result in injury, fire, or other loss.  Founded in 2014, Dreiym Engineering PLLC is owned, led and managed by licensed professionals who are experts in their field.

When a failure occurs, electrical is often the first place everyone looks.  An unbiased review by Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to determine the true cause. Our skilled electrical forensic engineering consultants will determine the cause of the system failure as well as the previously-existing conditions that led to the failure. Our forensic electrical engineers will offer a definitive explanation as to how and why this failure occurred. Dreiym Engineering can also offer you solutions for how to best avoid future electrical failures.

We provide electrical forensic engineering in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, the rest of Texas, and the surrounding states.  Just call us to discuss your project location and the nearest available electrical PE consulting engineer. We offer fast response and deployment to your loss site within your needed schedule.  If you are looking for a forensic electrical engineer head over to our contact information to get in touch.

Failure Modes:

Engineering Examination and Investigation

Our electrical forensic engineering consultants have much experience in the field of electrical engineering and access to the facilities and lab equipment required to get to the true, underlying causes of any incident. As an independent third party, we’ll provide reliable, objective, and impartial results to all parties. Let our team of licensed electrical experts determine what happened.

  • Did an electrical failure cause the incident?
  • Was the system/component properly designed?
  • Was it properly assembled and/or installed?
  • Was it properly operated and maintained?
  • Were applicable Codes and Standards correctly followed?
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