Appliance Failure Investigation

Fires, Shocks & Water Leaks

Manufacturer recalls due to safety and fire concerns are not uncommon and often result from the forensic investigation of recurring failures.

When an appliance may have been causal to a fire, an unbiased review by Licensed Professional Engineers is necessary to investigate the failure.

Dreiym offers licensed professional appliance failure investigation services to lawyers and insurance companies. Appliance failures can have serious consequences if they are not addressed appropriately. Our team investigates the cause of an electrical appliance fire, water leaks, or electrical shocks.

Although a water leak won’t raise alarms at first, a leak can gradually damage a home’s flooring. Leaks also lead to additional moisture, which can foster the growth of mold and mildew. This, in turn, directly affects a home occupant’s health and wellness.

Electrical shocks, on the other hand, can result in serious injury if they aren’t addressed. Whether the appliance operates normally or not, we can determine the cause of the shocks.

Our hope is that no electrical appliance causes a fire, but we know that simply isn’t reality. Our team of licensed appliance failure investigators follows a strict process that allows us to provide an accurate conclusion. We work closely with lawyers and insurance agencies throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and North Dakota.

In the serious case of a fire, the appliance might not have been the problem—the issue may have been the electrical work. We also offer residential electrical fire investigations, where we can determine ignition sources and more.

Engineering Examination and Investigation

Our licensed appliance failure investigators will determine what happened with your appliance. Our experts will answer the following questions and more.

  • Was the equipment properly installed and operated?
  • Is there a design or manufacturing defect?
  • What are the possible failure modes?
  • Was the failure causal to a fire?
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