What an Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Survey Entails

מאי 15, 2020

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Pipeline owners and managers everywhere know the importance of monitoring the integrity of their pipeline coatings. Pipeline coatings help to prevent corrosion in the pipeline in the long term. If a pipeline is installed without coating, it can start to see significant issues in its functioning from corrosion in only a couple years. An alternating current voltage gradient survey is designed to identify problems with the pipeline coating before it becomes a severe issue. Learn more about what an alternating current voltage gradient survey entails.

Taking progressive measurements

A team of engineers takes progressive measurements along the entirety of the pipeline. This allows them to detect any potential or current coating issues. These measurements also include defect size estimation. This allows the engineers to know what kind and size of defect they need to address. It also provides the pipeline manager or owner to know exactly what the problem areas and main issues their specific pipeline is facing so that they may plan for the future for their pipeline.

Data is analyzed

The data collected is then analyzed by professional engineers with NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certification. They determine the most pressing areas to fix. Cathodic protection specialists (CP4) will then help the owner or manager understand the data so they fully comprehend the underlying causes of any issues. They will also provide a full report about how to address the issues in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.

Prior requirements

To get an alternating current voltage gradient survey, a pipeline must already have some form of corrosion control set up. If a pipeline does not yet have a method of corrosion control, then temporary ground beds can be installed before the survey begins. If the pipeline needs corrosion control to be put in place, the same engineers can help with design services.

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