How To Prevent Fretting Corrosion

ספטמבר 25, 2020

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Fretting corrosion is a form of erosion corrosion that can quickly deteriorate certain metals. It happens when there is a bad combination of fretting and corrosion. Fretting itself is the act of rubbing or excessive friction. When two metals are already at risk of developing another form of corrosion, they often fret together which deforms the metals. This act is what fretting corrosion is. While it is a slowly developing type of corrosion, it can be hard to catch until it’s too late. Repairing damages due to fretting corrosion is also difficult. Explore some of the methods you can use and learn how to prevent fretting corrosion.

Investing in the best mechanical design

The best and most efficient way to prevent fretting corrosion is to invest heavily in your mechanical design. This method only really works if you plan so far in advance that your facility or application isn’t built yet. If you already have a metal application and are now thinking of ways to prevent fretting corrosion, this isn’t a great option, as it would require a total rebuild. Although, this is still the most effective method of preventing fretting corrosion.

Lubrication of the at-risk areas

Once you have your metal application built, one of the other ways to prevent fretting corrosion is by properly lubricating at-risk areas. For example, if you have a pipeline and there are places with two different forms of metal that are starting to corrode, consider putting a lubricant on these metals to prevent them from experiencing too much friction. This requires constant effort and upkeep because the risk of fretting corrosion increases again when the lubrication wears off.

Prevention of other corrosion types

Another great method of preventing this form of corrosion is to invest in anti-corrosion methods for other forms of corrosion. If you are able to protect your structure from other corrosion types you will, in turn, be protected from fretting, as it needs another form of corrosion to be present or developing to occur. This is why it’s important to invest in a cathodic protection survey. Cathodic protection is the most effective corrosion prevention method. It turns anodes into cathode to prevent the formation of the most common types of corrosion.

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