Ensuring Your Electrical and Power Infrastructure is Safe

Texas Electrical Engineers Offer Design Services, Arc Flash Mitigation

When you hire an industrial electrical engineer, it helps to have an experienced, skilled professional doing the work. Your infrastructure is safer when the job is completed the right way the first time.

Dreiym provides electrical consulting services in Texas and the surrounding states. Our team of skilled electrical engineering consultants works to keep your electrical infrastructure safe.

Arc Flash Mitigation and Short Circuits

It’s critical that you maintain a safe workplace that meets OSHA standards. Part of this is making sure that you minimize the risk for arc flashes. Arc flashes are a type of explosion that occurs when there is a weak connection.

They produce hazardous level of heat, light, and sound. We offer arc flash mitigation solutions to improve the safety of your facility.


We also provide short circuit analysis. This can help reduce abnormal current that can result in property damage or fire. The circuit breakers and fuses that you use can only do so much to protect your electrical equipment. An engineering analysis can help you determine whether you are still within range. Follow the links below for more information on arc flash and short circuit protections.

Hazard analysis and mitigation

Electrical Engineering Consultants

Grounding Surveys

Grounding surveys allow you to test the current state of your electrical equipment versus organizational standards. They can help with the safety of your employees, and keep your equipment running longer.

Find out more about what a grounding survey can do for you, and the types of surveys that we conduct.


New construction can often bring with it a variety of new issues. The documentation you receive from the contractor may not be complete. General walk-downs may be needed when issues arise.

We offer general electrical engineering consulting as well as testing and commissioning to companies with new construction. We are able to produce a variety of tests for companies looking for new mitigation studies. Find out more about how our electrical consulting services for new facilities may help you.

Hire Dreiym for Electrical and Power Engineering

Dreiym Engineering can help ensure the safety of your electrical systems. We can help ensure that the work is done right the first time, so you never have to experience short circuits, arcing, fire, or other electrical damage. We put a premium on our clients’ safety.

Dreiym serves Texas and the surrounding states. When you contact us, you won’t have to chase an expert and leave voicemail after voicemail to get ahold of the right person. You’ll go straight to an experienced and knowledgeable electrical engineering consultant who is ready to discuss your project. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today!

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