Mechanical Forensic Engineering Investigation

Hiring mechanical failure forensic engineers can help determine if the damage incurred after a mechanical failure happened because of the incident or actually caused it. Dreiym provides mechanical forensic engineering investigation led by experienced forensic engineers to analyze the cause of mechanical failures and any pre-existing conditions that could have contributed.

They use industry standards to determine which parts or materials caused the failure and how the properties of that particular failed component contributed. Forensic mechanical investigations use scientific processes and equipment to analyze the materials and equipment involved in the failure. After analysis, our forensic engineers will deliver a definitive explanation of what occurred as well as offer solutions on how to prevent it from reoccurring.

What exactly is a mechanical failure? Essentially, it’s a general term for a sudden or unforeseen breakdown of a component. It can apply to many different systems inside our homes and businesses, including HVACs, plumbing, natural gas, appliances, and even construction deficiencies.

System failures can lead to significant problems that range in severity from downtime to bodily harm. Finding the root cause of mechanical failures to prevent them from happening again is vital, but forensic engineering investigations are also crucial to the outcome of an insurance policy review.

Dreiym Engineering provides mechanical failure analysis conducted by professional forensic engineers in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas of Texas, as well as neighboring out-of-state cities and counties. Contact us to discuss the details of your project, including location, and we promise to deliver a fast response within your schedule to your site. We also offer other forensic consulting services, including electrical and fire.

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