Site Walk-Down Inspection

Often you need engineering help when issues arise. Issues such as ground faults, abnormal current paths, and equipment malfunction. It’s when these issues arise that a site walk-down is necessary. A site walk-down is typically a proactive approach; the goal is to minimize risk, maintenance, and operating costs, allowing for optimal returns on your investment. A walkdown inspection can also identify problems and determine the underlying cause for these problems. If you require a walk-down to ensure everything is getting off the ground on the right foot or to determine the causes of technical issues, Dreiym Engineering PLLC can assist you.

Dreiym can perform construction structural engineer site inspections to assess facility issues, including:

  • Ground Fault Detection
  • Nuisance Tripping
  • Intermittent Electrical Failures
  • Equipment Over-Heating
  • Equipment Vibration / Cavitation
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Harmonics
  • Equipment Component Failures
  • Electrical Control / SCADA Issues

As-Built Drawings

After construction, many operators find that the documentation regarding their facilities has inaccurate or incomplete data. An electrical engineer drafts initial plans prior to construction, so these plans are merely the basis upon which contractors will conduct their work. This means that the end result will never match the initial design plans. Because existing plans go through so many revisions, and because the owner may make changes to accommodate specific needs, as-built plans that truly reflect the completed work will need to be produced. It’s for this reason we offer as-built drawing services in addition to our walk-down inspections.

As-building a facility or project involves creating documentation from scratch or verifying your existing documentation for your entire facility. Our as-built drawing services include documentation of:

  • True/final locations of wiring
  • True/final locations of electrical components
  • True/final locations of control panels
  • Current dimensions of the building
  • Building Layout

Dreiym can perform as-built surveys for your facility, including:

  • Create Facility Major Single Lines
  • Create Facility Motor Control Single Lines
  • Panel Schedules
  • Facility Electrical Layout Drawings
  • Code Compliance Assurance

Contact us today to learn more about our site walkdowns and as-built drawing services or to schedule a consultation.

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