Why Hiring a NACE-Certified Engineer Is Important

สิงหาคม 11, 2022

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Corrosion engineers of all shapes, sizes, and specialties work within the sector. Each of them has a unique set of skills, specialties, and credentials. However, not all possess a National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certification. This particular certification is one of high honor among corrosion engineers.

Moreover, those who have it are regarded as having particularly nuanced expertise in public safety, environmental protection, and the impact of corrosion. Explore what it means for an engineer to be NACE-certified and discover why hiring one of these engineers is essential.

What Does It Mean To Be NACE Certified?

Before delving into why hiring NACE-certified engineers is crucial, it’s wise to explore what it means for an engineer to have this certification. As stated previously, the acronym NACE stands for National Association of Corrosion Engineers. This organization serves thousands of people worldwide and is recognized globally as the leader in developing standards for corrosion control solutions.

The NACE’s mission is to provide educational resources and certifications to support corrosion engineers such as cathodic protection specialists. Acquiring a NACE certification ensures these specialists utilize best practices in safety and corrosion prevention in scenarios concerning corrosion. Thus, when an engineer is NACE-certified, it implies that they have the best possible knowledge of:

  • Corrosion prevention standards
  • Environmental protection standards
  • Public safety and health standards

Moreover, engineers with this certification can approach any scenario involving corrosion with more authority and a deeper insight into possible solutions than an uncertified engineer.

What Do NACE Certified Engineers Do?

Now we know a little more about what it means for an engineer to be NACE-certified. But what exactly do these engineers do? Further, how does this credential help corrosion engineers in the field? Those are excellent questions—let’s explore the answers.

In essence, NACE-certified engineers are professionals who use science, engineering, physics, and technical knowledge to create and implement solutions that prevent corrosion. These solutions can fall into numerous categories, such as:

  • Strategies and procedures
  • Structures and systems
  • Devices and materials

In many cases, a corrosion engineer with a NACE certification will have more expertise in executing these solutions effectively. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a NACE-certified engineer.

Why Is It Important To Hire Engineers With This Credential?

By now, we should understand why hiring a NACE-certified engineer is the best practice for projects or scenarios that involve corrosion and corrosion prevention. Engineers with this certification are considered authorities in their field. Moreover, they have the expertise to execute solutions in a way that is safe for the environment and the public.

Hiring a corrosion engineer with this credential ensures you get the most effective, cutting-edge resources, information, and corrosion control solutions. That’s why seeking out engineers with a NACE certification is so important.

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