Ground Testing Companies

Ground testing is extremely important because it’s essentially the foundation upon which your entire electrical system is built. Ground system testing is conducted to ensure that new installations meet grounding specifications or that existing grounding systems continue to meet grounding specifications. Testing grounding systems require experienced engineers, and Dreiym Engineering is a ground testing company you can count on to provide them.

Ground testing upon initial installation is conducted for safety purposes—a low-impedance path to ground is needed to protect your personnel and your equipment. Periodic ground resistance testing should be conducted well after installation because grounding systems deteriorate over time. You can’t do anything to deter this deterioration—it results from the ion exchanges that make grounding systems an effective safety measure.

Our engineers provide ground resistance testing for your electrical ground and cathodic protection systems. Whatever your current grounding systems needs are, Dreiym Engineering can perform ground testing and commissioning for your facility using the methods detailed in IEEE 81. We can ensure that the resistance between your ground system and the earth meets the National Electrical Code’s (NEC) guidelines.

Services Include:

  • Clamp-On Readings
  • 2-Pin Method
  • Fall-of-Potential Method
  • Testing of Existing Ground Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Interference

Hire Dreiym for Electrical and Power Engineering

Our ground testing company’s goal is to ensure the safety of your electrical systems and your personnel. We take the utmost care to properly conduct ground resistance testing the first time around. This allows you to avoid arcing, short circuits, electrical fires, or electrical damage in general—we put the safety of our clients first and foremost.


Dreiym serves the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. We also pride ourselves on not bogging down clients with endless phone trees when you contact us. You won’t spend all day trying to run down an expert that can actually help you. You’ll always speak directly with an experienced and knowledgeable professional from our ground testing company who is ready to discuss your current ground testing or grounding system commissioning needs. Contact us today for all your electrical grounding and cathodic protection system needs.

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