Forensic Engineering Laboratory in Texas

Sometimes a professional forensic engineering laboratory is necessary to receive the answers you are seeking in a fire or accident investigation. Dreiym Engineering in Texas has a state-of-the-art laboratory with equipment that is critical to any investigation. With our laboratory we can run a variety of tests in the labs, both destructive and non-destructive.

This equipment aids in investigation work with insurance companies and attorneys. We can also rent usage out to third-party forensic engineers looking for access to high quality equipment or storage to aid their investigation.

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The Equipment Necessary for a Thorough Investigation

At Dreiym, we are able to support both destructive and non-destructive investigations while providing the technical support that you need to complete any test, including any ongoing multi-day monitoring, and construction of engineering test platforms.

We have a 1,500 square foot laboratory with expanded storage space coming soon.

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Our Forensic Laboratory Equipment
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Infrared Thermal Imaging

Monitor the heat buildup in a test environment, in real time. An infrared camera offers a safe method for testing what temperatures are ideal for a fire, this is a common technology used in a variety of fire investigations.

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Our lab microscope offers an idea method for detecting stress in metals and other materials. It has a built-in 18MP camera with additional light, for detailed work.

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Motor Drive Analyzer

Dreiym has the ability to test motor drives, adjustable speed drives, and variable frequency drives for failure in the lab or in the field.

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Power Quality Analyzer

The power quality analyzer allows us to analyze and understand incoming utility power.

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Pipeline Current Mapper

Our pipeline current mapper helps locate currents for pipeline field surveys.


Ground / Earth Tester

This technology provides the capability to measure AC resistance with a high level of accuracy.


18,000 Lb. Vehicle Lift

Used primarily for vehicle fire investigations, our lab is equipped with a high capacity lift.


Video Camera Equipment

All tests can be video recorded for additional documentation.

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Evidence Storage

We have a safe evidence storage facility with 24/7 video monitoring and offsite recording.

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Data Capture

We can tie data capture into Labview or Matlab programs.

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Backup Power

Our laboratory is backed up by battery power for uninterrupted testing and examination.

Additional Equipment Arriving Soon

Dreiym’s laboratory environment is constantly evolving. We are looking to add additional storage space and a scanning electron microscope to our growing facility.

Hire Dreiym Engineering

Dreiym Engineering offers state of the art equipment and expertise for forensic engineering investigations. When you contact us, you’ll talk with someone who can answer your forensic engineering questions immediately.

We proudly serve the state of Texas and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and find out how we can help!

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