Find the Root Cause for Disaster

Hire a Team of Experienced Forensic Engineering Consultants

Dreiym Engineering is a forensic engineering company with forensic engineering experts capable of bringing closure to a disaster by determining the root cause.

When expenses pile up quickly, knowing the cause can help you determine who is liable. In a residential fire for example, families are often forced out of their homes.

Structural damage from the fire, and mold from the ensuing water, can make a home uninhabitable for significant amounts of time.

Insurance companies often find themselves on the hook, unless the determination of the root cause shifts liability.

Dreiym Forensic Engineering Consulting Specialties

Dreiym Engineering offers our expertise in forensic analysis and can help you establish the root cause of common household and commercial property disasters, whether it is for litigation or insurance purposes.

We offer an experienced team of licensed and professional forensic engineering consultants to assess and check systems. Our team often serves as expert witnesses in complex court cases.

Dreiym Forensic Engineering Consulting Specialties

  • Corrosion Forensic Engineering – The investigation of leaks, water loss, product spills or compromised structural integrity
  • Electrical Forensic Engineering – The failure of electrical systems or components resulting in fire, structural damage, or injury
  • Fire Analysis & Investigation – The investigation into the root cause of residential, commercial or vehicle fires
  • Civil Forensic Engineering – The investigation of failures involving buildings, bridges, garage structures, and buried infrastructure

Our clients are often on the hook for significant loss revolving around the disaster. Establishing the root cause can be the first step in shifting liability.

We also offer our forensic engineering services for wildfires, explosions, and other disasters. Our forensic engineering experts perform extensive code research on standards such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), and NACE International.

Work with Dreiym

Dreiym takes a direct approach to helping you find the answers you’re looking for. When you call, you won’t be routed to a secretary and bounced around to various voicemails. You’ll find a forensic engineering consultant in the specialty you’re looking for who’s ready to discuss your project.

We proudly serve the entire state of Texas and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing prompt and complete forensic engineering services. Would you like to speak with one of our forensic engineering experts? Contact Dreiym today!  Our team can quickly mobilize to Austin, TX – Houston, TX, and every surrounding area including many surrounding states.

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