A Thorough, Efficient, and Affordable Method for Engineering Inspections

Whether we’re talking about a cell phone tower that extends hundreds of feet into the air, or a pipeline that covers hundreds of square miles on the ground, sometimes it can be difficult to access key areas that require engineering inspection. Dreiym Engineering now offers drone inspection services, ideal for areas that may otherwise prove challenging to access.

Drone inspection aids our work in a variety of industries and situations, including:

  • Fire inspections that involve burned out roofs
  • Vast pipeline inspections covering dozens or hundreds of miles
  • Looking for hotspots in chemical plants
  • Lightning damage on cell phone towers

Drone inspection presents a safer, more efficient way of performing these and other inspections, and it allows us to offer our clients additional savings. Our engineers are engaged in the process, so they are evaluating your facility’s data in real time. This ensures they’ll be able to catch any discrepancies in real time.

Increasing Efficiency for Our Clients

Drone usage makes our inspection process more efficient and accessible for clients. For example, drones can cover an entire pipeline in a matter of hours, where it would take our engineers days to walk the same space. Because the inspection process is faster, we are able to pass these savings on to our clients.


With drone usage, we are also able to provide clients with enhanced aerial photographs and videos, so they gain a stronger sense of the condition of their property. This allows them to make more informed decisions regarding their property.

Go with an Experienced Engineering Team

Our drone usage allows us to provide more detailed documentation at a lower price for our clients. If you are interested in drone inspection services for your property, call us or fill out our web form today!

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