Residential Electrical Engineers

We are able to inspect panels, wiring, appliances, ground rods, ground rings, ufer ground connections, pools as well as perform rough-in inspections for conformance to required standards. Whatever your needs are, send us an email to start a conversation. All our inspections are performed by licensed residential electrical engineers and can help you achieve compliance with inspectors. We do not provide inspections for the purpose of buying or selling real estate. These are in-depth engineering assessments of electrical systems that can be done by only licensed electrical engineers or authority having jurisdictions.

Our residential electrical engineers can also examine grounding on pools to detect if the system has been grounded. It’s always preferred to examine the methods and materials before the pool is completed, but remote detection tools do exist to ensure a proper ground bond.

Our reports are finalized quickly following the on-site inspection of your home.

Engineers come in many types. We can provide residential electrical engineers for electrical inspections, including detecting electrical interference that may be causing corrosion on your structures. We provide these inspections when your situation calls for a more robust inspection of your electrical systems.

We operate all over Texas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  We can also serve some areas outside of Texas.

Read More about These Inspections

Read More about These Inspections

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Hire Dreiym for Electrical and Power Engineering

Dreiym Engineering can help ensure the safety of your electrical systems. We can help ensure that the work is done right the first time, so you never have to experience short circuits, arcing, fire, or other electrical damage. We put a premium on our clients’ safety.


Dreiym serves Texas and the surrounding states. When you contact us, you won’t have to chase an expert and leave voicemail after voicemail to get ahold of the right person. You’ll go straight to an experienced and knowledgeable professional, who is ready to discuss your project. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today!

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