Infrared Electrical Inspections

We are able to provide infrared scanning services to ensure your electrical infrastructure is operating correctly.  A proper infrared electrical inspection can detect hot spots in panels, motors, and wiring.  Our engineers will review the scans and produce reports detailing recommended next steps to keep your equipment safe.


Abnormal heating of electrical parts is often a first sign of impending failure.  By having your equipment routinely inspected, you can plan replacements and repairs on your schedule instead of waiting for a failure causing expensive plant downtime. Infrared (IR) scanning is a critical tool in maintaining your electrical equipment.

NFPA 70B recommends routine infrared safety inspections of electrical systems annually, though certain equipment may call for more frequent inspections. If you recently installed new electrical equipment, changed equipment loads, or made any other external, environmental, or operational changes, this may warrant additional infrared electrical testing. Reach out to us to discuss the process.

We operate all over Texas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  We can also serve some areas outside of Texas.

Hire Dreiym for Electrical and Power Engineering

Dreiym Engineering can help ensure your electrical systems’ safety by conducting infrared electrical inspections and other needed testing. Our expert electrical engineers will ensure that the work is completed properly so that you can avoid short circuits, arcing, fire, or other electrical damage—at Dreiym Engineering, we always put our clients’ safety first.


Dreiym’s electrical engineering experts serve Texas, as well as the surrounding states. We promise that when you reach out to us for assistance or advice, you will be connected with an expert right away! You will never have to spend excessive time trying to get someone on the phone to provide advice or answer any complex questions. To find out more about how we can help, or to speak with someone about your project’s needs, contact us today!

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