Leak, Spill, Loss of Buried Assets?

Loss of material assets due to corrosion failure costs businesses billions of dollars each year. In the wake of corrosion damage, a business owner or property manager needs to be aware of:

  • Potential safety concerns
  • The cost of replacing corroded materials
  • The halting or complete loss of production or export potential
  • The scheduling of future maintenance
  • Proper installation of protective devices or systems

Unfortunately, corrosion is an ever-present risk that is often improperly managed or that goes unmanaged entirely. This can potentially result in compromised safety and property/earnings loss.  Our corrosion engineers will conduct a corrosion failure analysis by utilizing the scientific principles of electrochemical corrosion and control to determine the true cause.

Corrosion failure analysis is required to determine where things went wrong and to ensure that future steps are taken to combat a similar failure in the future. After identifying the underlying causes of the failure, we can further assist you by providing a future action plan to better guard against the inevitability of corrosion, including:

  • AC/DC Interference & Mitigation Techniques
  • Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Application of Corrosion Control
  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Conformance to DOT / PHMSA / OSHA / EPA Regulations

Our Corrosion Engineers are licensed professional engineers (PE) and certified cathodic protection specialists (CP-4) through the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), International.  Our extensive experience in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of corrosion control systems in the nuclear, energy, water and wastewater industries amplifies our approach to a systematic investigation of a failure.

Our Capabilities

  • Evaluation of Impressed Current and Sacrificial Cathodic Protection Systems
  • On-shore, Off-shore, and Marine Applications
  • Compliance with Codes and Standards
  • AC and DC Interference Analysis
  • Stray Current Mapping
  • Soil Corrosivity Analysis
  • Pipeline Integrity Assessments
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Surveys
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure Corrosion Control
  • Underground, At-grade and Above Grade Storage Tank Integrity Assessments

Engineering Examination and Investigation

Let our team of corrosion experts determine the cause of the failure.
Anode test station failure.
Anode test station failure.
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