Industrial Fire Investigation Services

Industrial services work with hazardous materials, such as chemicals, oil, and flammable powders, that make industrial facilities much more susceptible to an explosion or large blaze. Because there are a lot of factors that could potentially contribute to a fire, companies must assess the cause immediately. Industrial fire investigation is a big undertaking, and it’s one you can only entrust to the professionals.

Locating the source of a fire isn’t as simple as asking around or checking available security. Due to the complexity of finding the source of a fire, Dreiym Engineering offers comprehensive industrial fire investigation services to help your business get to the bottom of any issues. We determine the cause of a fire, which both helps prevent future detrimental outbursts and aids your company’s requests for financial support from insurers.

Industries We Serve

At Dreiym Engineering, we offer our industrial fire investigation services to a myriad of industries. A few of the most common types of facilities that benefit from our complete forensic investigation services include oil and gas companies, offshore platforms, and drilling and well locations. Our industrial fire investigation company provides forensic services in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and North Dakota.

What Our Fire Investigation Services Entail

Our team of experienced forensic engineers will assess the scene of the industrial fire immediately. Dreiym Engineering’s industrial fire investigation services employ the following practices to ensure the root of the fire or explosion is fully identified.

  • We photograph and document the scene of the fire thoroughly.
  • We identify all potential subrogation or litigation contacts for future support.
  • We inspect evidence from the scene in our laboratory facilities, looking for signs of equipment or infrastructure failure that led to the fire.

In the event of a fire, get your facility’s equipment and infrastructure inspected immediately. Reaching out to forensic specialists ASAP can ensure that your company receives the financial relief it needs and reduces the risk of any future fires and explosions. Call Dreiym Engineering today to receive comprehensive and compassionate forensic services.

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