How to Select an Engineering Consultant

June 22, 2020

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When your company needs an engineering consultant, it can feel like an entire project simply finding the right fit. You need someone you can depend on, who understands your company values, and who can get the job done right. Check out this guide to help you learn how to select an engineering consultant.

Look for the right certifications

Anybody can just label themselves a consultant, but you want somebody with actual qualifications to back up that title. Take a close look at your project and research different certifications. Identify which are important to your project; that step alone can instantly narrow your search. If you are looking for an electrical engineer, you will want one who is NACE certified, for example. There are hundreds of different certifications an engineer can obtain, so it’s crucial to narrow down to one to two required certifications for your team.

Ask about experience

Once you find a few engineers with the right certifications, it can be beneficial to have a conversation about their prior experience. It’s best to go with an engineer who is well-versed in the type of project you’re hiring for. An engineer who’s newer to the field, though, may also be a great choice; in that instance, you can ask them about their experiences through school and internships. Having someone who’s already completed a similar project can greatly help move the project along smoothly.

Learn more about their software versatility

Identify which software your project will be working closely with and ensure that your consultant choice is well-versed in said software. Prior experience with software is important but shouldn’t be the determining factor in your search, as many technologies can be learned fairly quickly. It is worth mentioning to the candidates which software they will work with and to have them rate their comfortability with each. If they don’t know the software at all, ask if they’d be willing to learn it prior to working with your team.

Overall, the right engineering consultant should have the correct certifications and experience, and they should know the right software. They should also easily gel with your team members, as they will be working closely with members of your company. Interviews are a great gauge of personality and overall fit. For top consultants in forensic engineering in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas, contact Dreiym Engineering for more information.

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