Benefits of a Close Potential Survey

January 4, 2021

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Close potential surveys, also called close interval surveys, are incredibly beneficial for your corrosion protection plan. Corrosion can easily break down metals and even your protective coatings to cause disaster. A close potential survey helps prevent catastrophe. Discover the top benefits of a close potential survey by reading ahead.

It Detects Coating Holidays

Close potential surveys can identify any coating holidays present on or in your structure. Holidays are defects in the coating on a pipeline or other metal structure. This could include any flaw or potential danger to the existing cathodic protection and corrosion prevention methods. Coatings are often called sacrificial coatings, because they take on the corrosion so that the regular structure doesn’t suffer damage.

It Identifies Stress Corrosion Cracking

A close interval potential survey identifies holidays, but it also spots corrosion activity. While you might miss extremely small holidays and minor corrosion activity, a close interval survey will catch these defects.

Early identification means you can give a structure the proper update to its current corrosion prevention and cathodic protection methods. You can also address any problems in the structure.

It Informs Future Corrosion Prevention

Close interval surveys keep pipelines in compliance with the various inspection codes and standards regulated by the government. It establishes a baseline to ensure the systems perform correctly while identifying potential weak points to watch closely in the future. You should conduct close interval surveys every five years, with standard test point assessments in between.

Close interval surveys are an advantageous choice for any application. Contact Dreiym Engineering today for more information on the benefits of a close potential survey and other corrosion prevention methods and services. Our team of experts aims to help your applications become safe against corrosion. Close interval surveys are an effective method for assessing an entire structure’s cathodic protection status.

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