The Main Causes of Arc Flash

Ebrill 16, 2020

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Arc flash is what happens when an electric current passes through the air with less than sufficient insulation between electrified conductors to hold the voltage amount. Arc flash can lead to fire, flying objects, various injuries, and immense property damage. Protect your job site and your employees by avoiding this type of catastrophe. Know the main causes of arc flash so that you can work to prevent it from happening at your job site.

Human error

Human error is the leading cause of arc flash. When a worker cuts corners or does not double-check their work, they are more likely to make a mistake. Often, the most experienced workers make these mistakes because they are overly confident and don’t double-check their work. Even something as simple as dropping a conductive item into the equipment enclosure can lead to an arc flash. To avoid arc flash due to human error, encourage your workers to take extra care with their work.

Environmental issues

Things that build up over time, such as dust and debris, can be present in worksites. Eventually, these can create an environment where electrical currents can be easily interrupted, leading to arc flash. To avoid environmental causes of arc flash, clean and dust your worksite frequently, especially around any areas with electrical work or large machinery. It can be easy to forget to clean around a job site, as many dust particles aren’t easy to see until they’ve greatly accumulated. Wipe down equipment and electrical hot spots regularly to prevent this dangerous buildup.

Equipment failure

Equipment is not perfect and can fail. Sometimes, when equipment fails, it’s due to corrosion, malfunctioning parts, or even the equipment’s aging. This is more common in older equipment, but it can also happen in new machines. When equipment fails, there can be excess electrical current levels going to parts that cannot properly handle it, thus resulting in possible arc flash. Check your equipment before use for functionality and any underlying issues it may have to prevent an arc flash disaster.

To properly prevent arc flash from devastating your worksite and potentially injuring your workers, contact Dreiym Engineering’s professional arc flash consultants. We can help protect your business by identifying any potential issue areas and helping you to come up with a plan to solve them.

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