The Importance of Emergency Power Systems

Ionawr 24, 2023

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During a power outage, a good portion of homeowners will switch over to a standby generator, allowing for partial functionality of their electrical systems. In these situations, the backup power supply provides some lighting, heat, water, and other essentials. However, power outages are significantly more devastating to commercial buildings and businesses, thus requiring more robust precautions and safety measures. Read on to learn more about the importance of emergency power systems in commercial buildings.

Increases Safety During Emergencies

Power outages are sometimes the result of a more pressing issue, like a severe weather event or an electrical fire. In these situations, emergency power systems can potentially save lives! By keeping egress lighting, evacuation, and alarm systems active, emergency power maintains better safety and order. It also reduces the likelihood of an evacuating individual suffering a significant injury. Ultimately, emergency power systems are a moral (and legal) obligation.

Reduces Business Downtime

Since some power outages require extensive research, troubleshooting, and repairs to resolve properly, it’s easy for all work and operations to cease. This downtime is determinantal to a company’s ability to operate, both internally and with consumers. With emergency power systems, your employees have access to fundamental electrical features, such as lighting, heat, and water. These essentials help keep individuals comfortable throughout the troubleshooting and repair processes, reducing overall downtime. Instead of sending everyone home for the day, you can resolve the outage and retain working bodies in the office.

Protects Software and Hardware

The real concern that businesses share when it comes to power outages is the potential for damage to hardware and software. Power surges often accompany power outages—this spike in electricity is more than capable of frying internal mechanisms and components, rendering hardware useless. Consequently, hardware damage can corrupt essential data and company software.

Lastly, the software is much harder to recover following a prolonged power outage. Since hardware and software are among the most crucial and expensive assets within a business, it’s vital that you provide emergency power systems to keep them safe at all times. Note that some emergency power systems do not cover your business’s software and hardware and only cover essentials. Instead, consider installing additional standby power specifically for these assets.

The importance of emergency power systems in commercial buildings is immense; they save lives, protect businesses, and add peace of mind overall. So, are you ready to install or upgrade your emergency power? Contact our team at Dreiym Engineering today to learn more about our HMI troubleshooting and related services.

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