Reasons You Need an Arc Flash Study

Mai 3, 2021

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Arc flash can be devastating to a business and its workers. It can cause molten metal shrapnel to fly through the air, causing destruction, injuries, and even death in its path. An arc flash study is an inspection of a facility’s power system and ensures the electrical components meet OSHA standards. Check out some reasons you need an arc flash study for your facility.

It Increases Workplace Safety

Investing in an arc flash study for your facility ensures that your workplace is safe for your employees. An arc flash explosion puts the health and safety of all your workers at risk. Arc flash often results in injuries, and even serious injuries or death if the worker is within a close enough proximity.

Arc flash studies identify risks or hazards for arc flash so the risk is understood and can be managed properly, protecting your employees.

It Protects Your Assets

When an arc flash happens, it not only endangers any people within the vicinity, but it also puts your equipment and facility itself at risk of damage. These explosions can melt metal on impact and cause your equipment to shatter and break. Any company with large electrical or mechanical systems needs to invest in regular arc flash studies to help mitigate risks.

These studies help facilities to reduce their risk for arc flash, thus protecting their assets within their facilities and the facility as a whole.

It Gives You Valuable Insight Into Your Facility

Beyond protecting your staff and your facility, investing in an arc flash study provides you with valuable insights. The study helps you to better understand where your facility is at in electrical safety by identifying potential equipment malfunctions, abnormal current paths, and ground faults.

This study also provides you with an electrical coordination analysis, short circuit analysis, and a full big-picture view of the safety and potential risks of your entire facility.

There are plenty of reasons you need an arc flash study for your facility. Arc flash studies provide peace of mind for you and your employees, knowing the facility is safe and everyone is informed of the potential risks. Contact Dreiym Engineering today for an arc flash quote today.

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