Benefits of Regular Arc Flash Studies

Ebrill 16, 2021

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Arc flash is a looming danger that can be detrimental to a business, facility, and its workers. Electricity is essential for any business, but using too much of it can make machines overheat, resulting in disaster. Investing in preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your facility is safe and protected from the devastation that comes with arc flash. Here are some of the top benefits of regular arc flash studies.

They Ensure Your Facility Is in Compliance

There are many regulations for electrical safety in different industries. If your facility works with heavy machinery or large equipment, there are likely more in-depth requirements that your electrical system must meet.

Regular arc flash studies ensure your facility is in compliance with all local and federal requirements.

They Protect Your Employees

Arc flash can lead to fires, explosions, and molten metal shrapnel flying through the air at rapid speeds. These repercussions pose serious safety threats to your employees. Investing in regular arc flash studies ensures you are doing everything you can to prevent arc flash from happening, thus providing adequate protection to your workers.

They Are Custom To Your Facility

General electrical advice is great, but unless the electrical surveys are specific to your facility, they may not be helpful. Getting a professional out onto your job site is essential to identifying the unique issues and pain points of your facility. You run a unique business, so your facility deserves one-on-one attention.

They Catch Problems Early

When your facility gets arc flash studies on a regular basis, it can help prevent larger maintenance costs down the road. Catching any problems or high-risk areas early on means you can invest in prevention methods. Prevention is often much more cost-effective than fixing or repairing an issue that’s already spiraled out of control.

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