Benefits of Ground Testing Your Commercial Building

Rhagfyr 21, 2022

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Electricity, while essential, can be quite dangerous. That’s why businesses worldwide conduct various structural tests of their electrical systems to eliminate certain risks and hazards. Read on to learn more about the functions, purpose, and benefits of ground testing your commercial building.

Understanding Ground Testing

Before we dive into the benefits of ground testing, it’s essential that you understand the purpose and functions of this process. Standardized by the National Electrical Code, this verification tests a building’s grounding system’s “earth” circuit. This low-impedance electrical path is an emergency route for electricity during physical contact, saving individuals from shock-related injuries or worse.

Ground testing aims to identify whether an electrical system is installed properly and functions normally. More specifically, it analyzes the resistance of your ground to better spot potential safety and performance issues. Once conducted, an electrical engineering company uses the ground testing results to make proper corrections by servicing your building’s system.

Increased Workplace Safety

No one wants to work in a needlessly dangerous environment, making regular ground testing for commercial businesses and buildings invaluable for boosting employee safety. Without proper grounding, high-voltage electricity penetrates the skin. If the current of electricity contains enough amps, it can cause serious tissue damage and even death. Additionally, non-grounded systems run the risk of producing “jumping electricity,” which creates arc flashes and electrical fires. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to reduce the likelihood of these accidents is by ground testing before installation and annually.

Increased Equipment Protection

While employee protection is every building manager’s number one priority, ground testing isn’t solely meant to prevent injuries. In fact, this testing process helps prevent sensitive electrical equipment from suffering damages related to surges. Aside from impacting equipment performance, an improper grounding system can cause essential data loss, hampering a business’s ability to operate successfully. Lastly, without proper ground testing, all equipment hooked up to the electrical system is at risk of suffering severe damage during lightning strikes and storms.

Ultimately, the benefits of ground testing your commercial building concern employee and equipment well-being. If you’re in need of proactive testing services for your business, contact our team at Dreiym Engineering today for additional information and assistance!

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