The Importance of Infrared Electrical Inspections

Hydref 1, 2020

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Every facility or larger operation needs to be careful about the safety of their building and area. One of the leading causes of injury or damage is electoral infrastructure issues. One of the ways to ensure the electrical infrastructure at your facility is operating correctly is by investing in an infrared electrical inspection.  Electrical infrared inspections are designed to find hot spots in an area or facility. Discover the importance of infrared electrical inspections to understand why you need them in your facility.

It detects hot spots

An infrared electrical inspection can help to detect hot spots in your facility. An infrared electrical inspection, if completed properly, will identify and detect hot spots in panels, motors, and wiring. Once the items in the facility are scanned, they will be reviewed by an engineer who can produce reports with recommended steps to solve any issues.

It identifies impending failures

One of the first signs of impending failure of electrical components and elements is abnormal heating of electrical parts. Having equipment checked regularly is essential so that any looming issues can be identified before they result in a total failure. Infrared electrical inspections can identify issues before they become prevalent so they can be fixed, and failure can be avoided—along with unnecessary repair costs and downtime.

It helps protect your business and your budget

Identifying issues before they become detrimental to your machines or electrical systems is one of the best ways to protect your employees and equipment. Finding issues as they begin to form rather than once they’ve caused further problems can help you save money on repair costs. It can also help lower the amount of unplanned downtime your operation experiences.

The importance of infrared electrical inspections is the same as the importance of the integrity and stability of your business. Taking steps to prevent failures and danger in your facility is key to running a smooth and safe business. Contact Dreiym Engineering today and inquire about our infrared electrical inspections and other services performed by our electrical consulting engineers.

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