How To Respond To Site Walk-Down Inspection Failures

Hydref 31, 2022

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Electrical hazards are potentially the most dangerous threats present in a working environment. As a business owner, it’s essential that you minimize these risks to better protect your facility, equipment, and employees. However, understanding the signs of potentially hazardous electronic devices and systems takes experience and training.

That’s why so many businesses rely on site walk-down inspection services to determine the condition of their equipment. More importantly, this service helps protect employees’ well-being and business investments. But how do you respond to inspection failures when they do occur? Read on to learn more about the importance of a walk-down inspection, how they protect your business and employees, what constitutes a failed review, and the proper steps to take after failing.

What Is a Site Walk-Down Inspection?

A site walk-down inspection is, quite simply, a proactive approach to creating a safer work environment. These inspections focus on a facility’s electrical systems and aim to determine their condition and risk of malfunction. Ultimately, businesses hire site walk-down inspection services to minimize risks, maintenance, and operating costs, all while optimizing their investments in their electronics.

Electrical issues are a massive concern in many different industries, as they pose significant threats to the safety of employees and the structural integrity of surrounding structures. Faulty equipment is more dangerous to operate, especially if certain protective features are damaged; electrocution is a common accident associated with mismanaged, faulty electronics. Additionally, employees are at risk of electrocution from circuits, wires, and powerlines found throughout a given facility. Even factors like defective insulation around electrical wiring or improper equipment grounding can harm and even kill others.

Luckily, with a quality site walk-down inspection, many of these workplace hazards are minimized, creating a much safer and more profitable working environment. Trained engineers inspect electronic systems and devices to look out for the above-listed electrical issues, along with other threats like moisture exposure. More specifically, we at Dreiym provide inspections for ground fault detection, nuisance tripping, intermittent electrical failures, equipment overheating, equipment vibration and cavitation, variable frequency drive harmonics, equipment component failures, and electrical control/SCADA issues.

But why are the services of professionals required to conduct a proper site walk-down inspection? In truth, many electronic systems and devices found in industrious facilities are sensitive, complex, and downright confusing to understand. An engineer possesses years of experience and training, along with specific tools and equipment, to properly diagnose any and all potential workplace risks. Additionally, an engineer’s talents are more suited for dealing with dangerous, faulty systems and devices. They can also conduct this inspection without the risk of exacerbating an existing problem. Ultimately, it’s essential that businesses with industrious electronic equipment utilize professional site walk-down inspections to better protect their facility and the employees within.

What Constitutes a Failed Inspection?

So, how exactly does a business fail a site walk-down inspection? Basically, if an engineer determines that there are significant issues with various electronics, and these problems pose a threat to the facility or worker safety, that scenario is considered a failure. For instance, faulty grounding, equipment vibration, and component failures are all examples of failed inspection results.

Remember that these inspections aim to boost safety and profitability for your business, so failing one isn’t necessarily a bad thing; more accurately, it presents you an opportunity to resolve any existing electrical issues and protect your employees and investments from further incidents. So if you do happen to fail a site walk-down inspection, utilize the collected information to safeguard your business better.

Proper Ways To Respond

Luckily, responding to a failed site walk-down inspection is quite simple, considering that all of the information is gathered by professionals and made easily digestible to you and your business. You can use this data to rectify any electronic device or system issues present effectively. But before you do that, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude regarding your failed inspection. Yes, failing anything is not fun, but knowing that your equipment could threaten the well-being and safety of others is much worse. With an optimistic outlook, you can bounce back from a failed inspection in no time!

Depending on the results of the inspection, you might only need to conduct minor maintenance and repairs on your existing equipment. This could be as simple as properly grounding various devices, repairing equipment cooling components, or insulating wires and cables. Or, your devices and systems might be suffering from more significant issues, which may necessitate a full replacement of the equipment. Alternatively, a walk-down inspection might uncover structural problems with your facility that are negatively impacting electronic devices and systems. In this instance, you must dedicate time and resources to repairing the facility’s structure rather than the electronics themselves. Ultimately, there are countless issues that could be discovered during one of these inspections, so it’s essential you stay prepared for any eventuality.

How Dreiym Engineering Can Help

As mentioned before, our team at Dreiym Engineering offers excellent site walk-down inspection services for a plethora of electronic issues. Most importantly, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help find solutions for you following a failed inspection. When you work with us, we take some of the stress out of dealing with an inspection failure, allowing you to focus more on your business and the safety of your employees. We can also create and verify your as-building drawings to ensure that your facility is up to date on proper documentation of electronic systems and devices. Ultimately, we aim to provide you with superb service that’s stress-free and beneficial to you and your business.

Understanding how to respond to site walk-down inspection failures properly is an essential trait of any facility owner. Site walk-down inspections help prevent financial loss, structural damages, injuries, and even death! And if you do happen to fail an inspection, keep a positive attitude and follow the guidance of your engineering team to find the very best solutions. Contact Dreiym today for additional information regarding our site walk-down inspections or related services. We’re eager to provide you with better peace of mind!

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