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Professional Engineering Services

As a professional engineering firm, we at Dreiym Engineering provide a wide range of services, including forensic engineering, electrical engineering, arc flash studies, corrosion, and cathodic protection. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet or exceed industry standards and reasonable application of professional judgment. We have a reputation for delivering thorough and accurate reports, as evidenced by our certification that our reports meet or exceed applicable design criteria and industry-standard practices. With our commitment to excellence and our expertise in our field, we are a reliable choice for anyone in need of engineering services.


Corrosion Engineering

Our corrosion consultants can conduct field walk-downs, assess pipeline integrity, interference levels, and soil corrosivity, perform ground bed design, engineering calculations, conduct system validation, cathodic protection systems and potential surveys, and provide construction oversight.


Electrical Engineering

Our electrical consulting engineers can perform site walk-downs, ETAP/SKM Studies including Arc Flash, Short Circuit, and Coordination. We also provide design, and compliance review services.


Forensic Engineering

Our forensic consultants can investigate electrical appliance failure, conduct failure analysis, fire investigation, provide expert witness testimony, and offer support in insurance claims and litigation.

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About Us
Engineering Services and Consulting

Dreiym Engineering is a small service engineering design firm located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in consulting and design work for electrical and cathodic systems. We also work with insurance companies and law firms to provide forensic engineering investigation services.

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The Expert
The Dreiym Experience

We are a small but experienced corrosion and electrical engineering consulting firm located in the heart of Texas. When you work with us, you’ll get the knowledge and expertise you’ve come to expect. You’ll speak directly with an electrical engineering expert in the field that you are looking for and get the service and expertise you deserve.


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