Electrical Protection & Coordination

Power system protection aims to protect electrical systems from faults that may occur. This is accomplished by isolating faulty components from the rest of the electrical network, keeping as much of the network stable and operational as possible. Dreiym Engineering PLLC can address your need for a protective device coordination study. Protective device coordination analysis, which analyzes the impacts of short circuits, equipment failure, and other hard faults on a facility’s operation, is also required during Arc Flash studies to remain compliant with safety codes and enforcement agencies. Our electrical engineers stand ready to conduct necessary checks and coordinate your site’s protective devices.


  • AC & DC overcurrent protective device coordination
  • Phase & Ground overcurrent coordination
  • ANSI & IEC coordination & protection standards
  • Client choice on software packages


Correct protective device coordination limits the impact isolated failures can have on your system.  Systems lacking breaker coordination can result in wider facility outages than are required to clear a fault.  When properly coordinated, a single load failure won’t take out more of your facility than is needed to prevent loss or damage from fire.

Hire Dreiym for Electrical and Power Engineering

Our mission at Dreiym Engineering is to ensure the safety of your electrical systems via our protective device coordination studies, ground testing, and more.


We will complete the work properly the first time to help you avoid potentially disastrous ramifications that may hurt your investment or your bottom line. You’ll never have to experience the deleterious effects of short circuits, arcing, fire, or electrical damage—we put a premium on our clients’ safety.

Dreiym serves Texas and the surrounding states. When you contact Dreiym Engineering, you won’t spend long periods of time in phone trees—you’ll immediately be connected with an experienced, knowledge professional who’s ready to discuss your project. If you’re in Texas or the surrounding states, contact us today to find out more about how we can help!

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