On-Call Engineering Services in Houston, TX

On-Call Engineering Services

It’s not always practical to have an engineer on permanent staff. At Dreiym Engineering, we understand that. That’s why, with our on-call engineering services in Houston, Texas, you don’t need one. We make sure that when you need help, you have an engineer on hand to assist. We can respond on short notice and as needed to issues and emergencies. We are based in Houston TX and can respond to your facility right away.

See below for a sample of issues that Dreiym Engineering’s on call engineers are prepared to respond to quickly. Our electrical and corrosion engineers can assist with:

On-Call Corrosion Engineer

  • Evaluation of Test Data
  • PHMSA Audit Support
  • Changes in Ground Bed Performance
  • Sea-life Infestation & Mitigation
  • Interference Test Support
  • Root Cause Analysis

On-Call Electrical Engineer

  • General Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Grounding Issue
  • Motor Failure
  • HMI Issues
  • PLC Issues
  • Nuisance Tripping
  • Electrical Equipment Failures
  • Code Compliance Issues
  • Root Cause Analysis

We may also be able to help with other common electrical and corrosion problems. Please contact us if you have any questions.

At Dreiym Engineering, we work to provide reliable and quality services to our clients. With our on-call engineering services in Houston, Texas, you don’t have to wait for the help you need. Whether it’s an emergency or a less urgent problem, we can reach your facility right away and fix the problem, so you can safely return to normal operations. Our on-call engineers are experienced, skilled, and professional. You can rely on them to perform quick, quality inspections and repair work—even on short notice.

To learn more about our electrical and corrosion engineering services or to request assistance from an electrical support engineer, contact us today. Our customers’ safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we’re happy to assist with whatever you need.

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