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An arc flash is a specific type of electrical explosion and it can put the health and safety of your employees, as well as your industrial equipment at risk. These explosions can cause serious harm or even death to an employee unlucky enough to be within proximity.

Industrial companies and anyone with large electric or mechanical systems on site is well-served to keep this potential hazard in check. In many cases OSHA has strict regulations on how to mitigate this risk.


An arc flash study, also referred to as an arc flash hazard analysis, can help give your business the peace of mind you deserve while allowing you to remain OSHA-compliant. At Dreiym Engineering, our experienced team of arc flash consultants can conduct these tests so that you understand the risk of arc flash in your facility and how much electricity your employees might be exposed to in a worst-case scenario.


What’s Involved in an Arc Flash Assessment?


The software of your choice

Find potential options for electrical power system analysis and operation software.


Arc flash analysis report

A complete study is modeled that allows you a big-picture view of the safety of your facility.


Arc flash labels are produced

These labels can help the end user understand the risk involved using the equipment.

An Arc Flash Study Helps You Understand What’s at Stake

Arc flashes pose a dangerous threat to your employees, but with proper safety precautions, the risks can be significantly reduced. Dreiym Engineering can help you to reduce those risks with an arc flash study.


We serve businesses in Texas and the surrounding states. When you call Dreiym you go straight to a qualified engineer, so there’s no leaving voicemails and waiting for the right person to call you back. That is why customers prefer the arc flash consultants at Dreiym Engineering for arc flash quotes and studies.

You’ve worked hard to create the business that you run today. Contact us today for your arc flash study company, and we can help you maintain your safety.

Arc Flash Tables

For basic installations and facilities, Arc Flash tables found in the most recent version of NFPA 70e are sufficient.  NFPA 70e details the limits of the table before a full engineering study is required.  Often, you can get better results through an engineering study. Contact us to find which method is the most appropriate for your facility.

Engineering Calculations

Engineering calculations produce a better result.  Calculated arc flash energy may result in a much lower total hazard on the label, a much less conservative result while still being safe.  Conversely, where the tables might fall short, an engineering study still keeps you safe.

Engineering studies are required for facilities that fall outside the limits of NFPA 70e tables.

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