Civil Forensic Engineering Investigation

Crumbling infrastructure is a problem all over the world, and it affects all structures, including residential homes, commercial buildings, dams, and bridges. Any type of civil engineering failure can have severe consequences for the structure and nearby bystanders, and an investigation is needed to determine why the structure failed and how to prevent future failures from occurring.

The civil forensic engineering investigation team at Dreiym analyzes deficiencies in construction and other issues relating to the structure after the incident to find the root cause of the failure. Our experts will also consider any associated infrastructure systems and maintenance records in their analysis. Our team uses their years of experience to accurately determine what damage was the cause of the incident and which materials are because of the failure.

As part of our analysis, our experienced forensic engineers will examine the area with a site inspection and scene evaluations to determine the level of damage within the structure is still safe for use. To come to a conclusion, they’ll study factors like construction material, moisture levels within the soil and foundation, design specs, and mechanical systems.

We conduct civil structural engineering investigations that can accurately assess a range of issues for both residential and commercial buildings. We explore structural failures that occur to building envelopes, brick or concrete facades, scaffolding, and railings to ensure structures are safe for occupants. We can also assess a roof or building for possible hail damage to differentiate from other forms of damage. Inadequate ventilation, long-term exposure, and mechanical damage are sometimes mistaken for weather-related incidents.

Dreiym Engineering is available to conduct civil forensic engineering investigations in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas, including nearby states. After we reach our conclusion, we’ll give you a report of our findings and recommendations for repairs and how to prevent future occurrences. We’re a full-service forensic engineering consulting team that analyzes a variety of failures, including mechanical and electrical.

Typical Forensic Civil Engineering Matters:

  • Building Envelope Inspection
  • Structure Collapse
  • Structure Damage
  • Concrete Damage
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