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Corrosion Engineering Consulting Services

Field Surveys: Corrosion surveys aren’t required prior to the initial feasibility design stage, though they do serve a valuable purpose. They’re conducted prior to the specifications design phase to determine suitable material requirements as well as adequate corrosion protection requirements.


Cathodic Protection: Cathodic protection creates a connection between the metal at risk of corrosion, which is typically steel, to a “sacrificial” metal that will corrode instead of the base metal. Cathodic protection of steel is accomplished by converting anodic sites to cathodic sites by supplying electrical current or electrons from an alternate source. These sacrificial metals, or anodes, are typically alloys such as aluminum, zinc, or magnesium.


Pipeline Integrity: The advent of modern regulatory changes places an increased burden on pipeline operators to ensure compliance with a number of public safety and environmental regulations. Up until relatively recently, pipeline integrity guidelines were prescriptive in nature—today, they’re enforced. Pipeline integrity must be maintained, demonstrated, and rigorously documented at all times.


We also offer many more corrosion engineering consulting services.


All of our corrosion experts are NACE-certified cathodic protection specialists.

Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

Electrical Design: We have an extensive list of electrical design services, including single line diagrams, load list preparation, layout drawings, installation details, electrical panel schedules, and all additional system design needs. We offer these services for residential, commercial, and industrial design projects.


Studies: Our electrical engineering studies are used to inform power usage rates and budgetary needs as well as the support, maintenance, planning, operation, and safety of electrical power systems.


Arc Flash: Arc flash studies are critical to the safety of workplaces and electrical systems. Their primary purpose is to identify hazards in relation to current electrical system loads and energy usage.


Short Circuit: These studies are utilized to measure the magnitude of the currents flowing during an electrical fault. By cross-referencing this information with your electrical equipment’s ratings, you can ensure that your electrical power system is adequately protected.


We also offer many more electrical engineering consulting services.

Our electrical experts are registered, professional engineers.