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At Dreiym Engineering, our skilled electrical engineers have long provided invaluable, impartial information, instruction, and feedback to clients and businesses in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and the rest of Texas. Specializing primarily in corrosion, electrical, and forensic engineering, we’ve worked with countless industries, including those in the fields of water, oil, gas, and more. Our focus on testing, analysis, and inspection has allowed us to help numerous businesses ensure integrity, compliance, and safety with services that include ACVG Surveys.


Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) Surveys are an effective means to detect some kinds of problems with pipeline coatings.

Such evaluative surveys can save you time and money down the road. By ensuring that the integrity of your pipeline remains intact or by identifying concerns before they become problems, we can instruct you as to how to safeguard your massive investment.


By taking progressive measurements along the pipeline, our engineers can detect potential coatings defects for later excavation and repair. Additional benefits of conducting ACVG surveys over the DCVG method include defect size estimation. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed by professional engineers who hold NACE certifications. Let our Cathodic Protection Specialists (CP4) help you through the process of acquiring and analyzing the data for a crystal clear understanding of the underlying causes of any vulnerabilities and how to address them in the most cost-effective manner.


This method does require that corrosion control already be in place, or the installation of temporary ground beds will be required prior to the ACVG survey. If you do not have corrosion control in place yet, our engineers can help you with design services.

Dreiym can perform ACVG surveys all over Texas and can serve any area, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.  Contact Us  today to discuss your project.  Initial consultations and quotes are always free.

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