Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIS)

Close interval potential surveys (CIS) are an effective method for assessing an entire structure’s cathodic protection status. Standard structure to potential surveys tell you the protection levels local to the test stations, but a Close Interval Survey extends this assessment along the entire structure. In doing so localized, otherwise out-of-sight, risk areas can be identified and resolved. Close interval surveys are normally performed at system inception to establish a baseline and scheduled, typically 5 year intervals thereafter, with standard test point assessments at shorter time intervals.


Close interval potential surveys are a great tool for producing a baseline for your structure(s). But they are only one piece of the puzzle, and they are really of best use in the first stages of project development. To get the greatest benefit from these initial surveys, ensuring cathodic protection systems remain up to NACE standard as structures age, modify, or expand, is required. Both the native Close Interval Surveys and interrupted Close Interval Surveys should be performed for new and existing installations. In practicing this, you preserve the quality and safety of your cathodic protecting systems over the course of a structure’s lifespan.


Moreover, it ensures that the highest standard of cathodic protection and corrosion control solutions are continually implemented within your structures. If you are looking to enlist the assistance of an expert team to perform close interval surveys, you can depend on Dreiym Engineering LLC. Our close interval potential survey procedures guarantee unmatched quality, safety, and precision. In short, you can depend on us to collect the best results so that you can move forward in your projects with confidence.


Dreiym has performed Close Interval Surveys all over texas, and can serve any area, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  Contact Us today to discuss our close interval potential survey services and what they can do for your project. Initial consultations and quotes are always free.

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