Native Potential Cathodic Protection Surveys

A native potential cathodic protection survey is an important metric for any buried tank or pipeline system. The purpose behind this specific type of close interval survey is to create a basic criterion for the level of cathodic, or corrosive protection necessary for structures like tanks and pipelines. With the results of a properly conducted native potential survey, you can achieve different acceptance criteria per NACE SP-0169. But, like most things in this field, performing a native potential cathodic protection is just one step in a multifaceted safety and quality- assurance procedure.


Careful attention is required to check for interference during this potential survey. For this reason, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a certified engineer to assist with the consultation of your systems. When you have the advantage of an expert understanding of native potential cathodic protection surveys, you’ll get the best possible information about the level of cathodic protection your systems may need and the corrosion control solutions necessary to achieve proper protections. Of course, once cathodic protection is applied, a native potential survey is not practical in most situations without an extended period with the cathodic protection system off.


Dreiym has extensive experience performing Native Potential Surveys. If you’re seeking a surveyor or corrosion consultation services, you can depend on us to provide the excellent service you’re after. Our experienced staff has the expertise necessary to help you understand the cathodic protection and corrosion control requirements of your project. Moreover, we’re happy to provide consultation on the best ways to implement the ideal corrosion control solutions. Don’t wait to enlist an expert. Contact us to discuss native potential cathodic protection surveys and let us help you define the cathodic protection requirements of your project.

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