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On-Potential Cathodic Protection Surveys

On-Potential cathodic protection surveys are performed without interrupting the cathodic protection system.  In general, the useful information from an on-potential survey is very limited, and requires a large amount of background information about your system and its past performance.  This background data should be certified by a professional engineer prior to the reliance on that data for future on-potential studies.  Call us before relying on an on-potential survey, chances are you need a strong engineering analysis done by an Electrical Engineer.  


On-Potential surveys should not be solely relied upon for effective corrosion prevention and require professional engineering judgement in order to effectively apply to any system.   Make sure an electrical engineer reviews the process and data that has been collected by any corrosion engineer performing an on-potential survey.


Contact us for any questions you may have about the effectiveness of an on-potential survey for your systems.  We can get you in contact with a Cathodic Protection Specialist today to discuss what tests your site might need.

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