Injury and Accident Investigation Experts

Investigating incidents that occur in the workplace, or even from a consumer product, can help make sure they don’t happen again. Often, we think of accidents as unpreventable, but by examining the situation through different lenses, there are ways to determine if the incident could have been avoided by rectifying procedures or correcting equipment malfunctions.


The injury and accident investigation experts at Dreiym provide an unbiased analysis to determine the root cause of an accident relating to a mechanical failure. Rather than placing blame, we’re focused on identifying the causes and providing insight into possible corrections with a detailed report of our findings.

The Benefits of This Service

When our forensic engineers conduct any workplace injury investigation, they dive deeper into all the possibilities that could have caused it. Deciding that carelessness or a failure in protocol brought about the incident fails to address the systemic and mechanical changes that might be needed to prevent future OSHA accident investigations.

Our team will respond quickly to the site of the incident to conduct an analysis of equipment and the damage incurred to assess what was the cause of the accident and which broken components are a result of the accident. After their analysis, they’ll release a report on their findings as well as recommendations to take to prevent more workplace accidents.

Workplace injuries can have a big impact on the entire company, and taking the time to look into accidents, close calls, and especially fatalities can help to ensure that equipment is operating properly and allows hazards in safety and health programs to be identified. By identifying root causes, the right corrective actions can be implemented to prevent further accidents from occurring.

The forensic injury and accident investigation experts at Dreiym are committed to helping you move forward after a workplace accident. Contact us for injury and accident incidents in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas areas, including neighboring out-of-state cities and counties as well.

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