Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

When collisions happen, an accurate and quick response is crucial to determine the cause, whether it’s driver error, fault in the roadway, or a failure in one or more vehicles. Our vehicle accident reconstruction experts work with insurance companies and law firms to conduct forensic investigations into collisions to discover the cause of the accident and how someone can prevent it in the future.

Our professional forensic engineers perform a collision analysis of every element of the accident by reconstructing the scene to determine the root cause. We use proven methods to determine the facts surrounding the incident through scientific processes and equipment to analyze factors that could have contributed to the crash to provide unbiased facts.

Our vehicle accident reconstruction involves testing several factors. We analyze speed, time-distance calculations, and impact angles. After reviewing the evidence, our forensic engineers will provide a report on their findings.


Some of the steps we take include:

  • Visiting the scene of the accident and inspecting the vehicles involved
  • Examining and photographing objects involved in the collision, like light poles, trees, or buildings
  • Reviewing witness and police reports
  • Examine other evidence, like skid marks, to understand the speed of the vehicle at impact as well as tire marks to gauge whether or not the drivers involved reacted to the impending crash or were caught unaware
  • Research environmental and weather conditions at the time of the crash
  • Inspect the roadway for a loss of traction from debris, black ice, fuel spillage, or other causes
  • Check the position of road signs for possible visibility issues
  • Determine if the vehicle was in proper working order, including any unaddressed safety recall issues

Contact our vehicle accident reconstruction experts at Dreiym to investigate any vehicle accidents, including incidents involving tractor trailers, big rigs, or single-vehicle collisions with stationary objects, like power lines. We also conduct vehicle black box readings. Reach out to us for collision investigations in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas of Texas, as well as neighboring out-of-state cities and counties.

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