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Residential Electrical Failures

Regardless of the fire cause, a proper and unbiased evaluation of the building’s electrical wiring by a qualified Electrical Engineer can be crucial in identifying the cause and origin area of the fire.  With detailed analysis of the fire patterns and damage to devices, we can help determine the most probable cause of your loss.

Any electrical systems or components on the list of potential ignition sources must then be evaluated by the Engineer to determine if an electrical failure was causal to the fire.  By hiring Dreiym, you ensure that your project is in the hands of licensed and experienced professional engineers that have been on many forensic fire investigations.

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Engineering Analysis and Investigation

Let our team of licensed electrical experts determine what happened.

  • Do arc-mapping results correspond to the origin determination?
  • What are the potential electrical ignition sources?
  • What are the possible failure modes?
  • Can the probable cause be determined?
  • Is there any potential for subrogation?
  • What circumstances were required to cause this fire?

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