What Determines How Corrosive Your Soil Is?

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November 14, 2019

The Purpose of a Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspections are crucial in maintaining your structure’s integrity and functionality. Plus, they save you and your business money in the long run by preventing major issues or failures. If you need further convincing, we share the purpose of a pipeline inspection to demonstrate how necessary it is.

The Goal

When you hire a company to come out and inspect your pipeline, you can expect a thorough survey of your entire pipeline. The goal is to identify any current or potential issues regarding corrosion. This is necessary due to the modern-day regulatory changes that occur. Now, more than ever, there is increased pressure on pipeline operators. They must ensure the system meets all elements of public safety and environmental regulations. We help you access the required maintenance while properly documenting it.

Common Issues

A common issue in pipeline systems is poor or incorrect construction. This can lead to major corrosion problems or even structural failure. Another common issue pipeline systems face is normal wear and tear on the infrastructure. Corrosion can happen in the worn parts and sections, creating service disruptions and costly repairs.

A Thorough Outline of the Inspection

A pipeline inspection will leave you with a detailed list of your engineer’s recommendations. This includes any necessary repairs, maintenance, replacements, or potential issues that may affect your pipeline’s ability to remain up-to-code. When utilized and heeded regularly, inspections will address a potential problem before it turns into a more serious issue that ends up costing you.

Additionally, you will receive a list of the largest risks of corrosion as well as an accurate prediction of future corrosion issues. This assessment will let you know how quickly you need to address current and potential issues. This will help you avoid larger problems, higher costs, and delays.

Here at Dreiym Engineering, every pipeline cathodic protection survey we conduct is comprehensive and unique. This is because we have corrosion engineers certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers conduct our inspections. To set up an inspection, please contact our team at your earliest convenience.

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